Train Track

Before car seats for kids and helmets for bicycles,this is one of the train tracks we used to play on as freight trains rolled by to the industrial part of the city I grew up in.




Bulgaria, fall near the Black Sea

Bulgaria, Central Pre-Balkans, House of The Centenarian, The Lady of The House

“… your face looks amazing, what do you put on it? ”

” put what? ”



Bulgaria, Central Pre-Balkans, House of The Centenarian

” …the man of the house is over 100, 103 or 104. the lady is in her nineties. he is bed ridden now so she takes care of him. they live in one room…”

Mud House, South Eastern Bulgaria

“…the people died long time ago, their daughter and her husband ┬ápassed away few years one has been here since. the grandchildren are somewhere in England. they might come back one day…”