Scientific American, The Secret Spiritual History of Calculus

Photo Editor Monica Bradley, Stylist Karen Evan, photography and compositing Plamen Petkov

Petkov_SCIAM_Apple_CF_37579_FFS Petkov_SCIAM_Apple_LFH_FFS


FIRE POWER, Mens Health, July 2013

CD Robert Festino, Photo Editor Don Kinsella, Food Karen Evans, Prop Stylist Lisa Edsalv, Photo Plamen Petkov




Grasshoppers anyone?

Yes we tried them, that is Karen and I… we also sampled ants and  silk worms. The roasted grass hoppers are nutty, the ants- Karen shrugged her shoulders as it was mostly spices, the worms – they tasted dusty…

For Women’s Health  with food stylist Karen Evans. Designer Susannah Haesche, Photo editor Andrea Verdone. ” The Future of Food”